Fermi Descendents


Laura Fermi (1907 – 1977), author, activist and Enrico Fermi (1901 – 1954), physicist & Nobel Laureate & parents of Nella & Giulio.


Nella Fermi Weiner, Ph.D. (1931 – 1995), artist, teacher, early feminist & mother of Olivia & Paul.


Giulio Fermi, Ph.D. (1936 – 1997) biologist, husband & father of Rachel & Daniel.


Olivia Fermi, MA, ConRes Cert, RTC, Counsellor and Coach, photographer, & Founder Neutron Trail (formerly known as Alice Weiner Caton)


Paul Weiner, Ph.D., Faculty, math professor, go player, husband & father of Benjamin and Laura.

Rachel Fermi, M.A., photographer, author, teacher, wife & mother.


Daniel Fermi


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