This website is a project of inquiry and dialogue. It arose out of my own family of origin work: in particular, the living legacy of my grandparents Laura & Enrico Fermi.

I am indebted to the many people who knew my grandparents who assist me with their stories, insights and values; my network of mentors, friends and colleagues who encourage and give me critical feedback; and to my teachers of the West and of the East who help me to integrate inner and outer wisdom in practical ways.

Occasionally people ask me what others in my family alive now think or what their opinions might be on topics related to my inquiry. I do not speak on behalf of my family. We each have our own unique outlook and modes of expression. Please feel free to contact any of the descendants directly, including myself. Thank you for your interest!

Olivia Fermi, M.A. A.B.S., ConRes Cert, Human Systems Thinker, Facilitator, Photographer, Writer

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